Isthmus to "go dark," hopes for a post-COVID-19 comeback

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- A Madison alt-weekly newspaper says it must "go dark" if it hopes to ride out the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic gripping the world.

In an article on its website, Isthmus explained to its readers that its existence relies on people wanting to go to concerts, go somewhere to eat or drink, go to the movies, and so on.

"And when it all goes away at once, we are left without options," it said.

Pointing to its "deep roots" in Madison, Isthmus said they tried to find a financially viable option to make it through these tough times, but could not.

The article did not say how long Isthmus would be down nor did it guarantee the paper would ever mount it comeback, but it assured its readers they are planning a comeback.

"We are going to take this time to try to figure out what is next and what Isthmus might look like in the next life," it concluded. "Until we meet again."