JJ Watt rips Houston news station on headline about Kealia Ohai

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HOUSTON, Tex. (WMTV) -- JJ Watt is a respected professional football player who has put in the time and work to succeed at the highest level of his sport. So has his fiance, Kealia Ohai.

Ohai is a force on the soccer, breaking franchise records for the Houston Dash. Ohai was a No. 2 pick who was drafted to the Texas team in 2014. On Monday, the team announced Ohai is being traded to the Chicago Red Stars.

Watt posted on Instagram a supportive message to his fiance and by all accounts, seems to be taking the news fairly well. It's a headline from KTRK that he isn't taking well.

Watt calls out the news organization for failing to name Ohai, and for writing a headline based on who she is in a relationship with - not based on her professional merit.

The station has yet to respond.

Ohai hasn't responded to the headline her future hubby called, "trash." She did post a video to Instagram after the initial news of her trade broke on Monday.

In the video, she thanks the Dash organization and fans. Ohai says, "I will always consider Houston home."

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