Janesville police release surveillance video to remind people to lock garages and vehicles

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JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV)-- The Janesville Police Department is hoping a newly released surveillance video will encourage residents to lock their doors.

Home security camera shows a suspect entering two garages before being chased away by a home owner. Courtesy: Janesville Police Dept.

The video shows a suspect entering two garages before being chased away by a homeowner. The video, released on Friday, is dated Nov. 19. The suspect in this case was identified.

Police say they have recently a number of thefts where suspects look for unlocked garages or vehicles.

They remind people to do the following:

  • Lock doors and windows in your home, including the garage door even when you are home.
  • Use security lighting at your home.
  • Make sure all bushes, trees are trimmed to prevent a hiding place at windows and doorways.
  • When parking your vehicle always lock up with all your windows rolled up and sunroof closed.
  • When parking on the street or in a parking lot in the dark or overnight, try to park near street lights of other lighting. Avoid isolated areas.
  • Do not leave items of any value in plain view in your home or vehicle such as shopping bags or purses.
  • Do not leave keys or ID in parked vehicles while your vehicle is in your garage, including ignition keys or keys to your home.

Janesville police want people to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhood by the non-emergency line at 608-757-2244.