Janesville: No more recycling plastic bags and styrofoam

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JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) -- China has slowed it's intake of U.S. recycling causing ripple effects to the industry. Janesville Recycling spokesperson, John Whitcomb, says vendors are having a hard time re-selling the used recyclable materials because the industry is inflated due to dealings with China.

Janesville announced this Spring, they are recommending people do not recycle plastic bags, and styrofoam.

"It is our way of trying to help our vendor that sells the product to help have the better sale," Whitcomb explained.

Whitcomb approves of cities on the West Coast banning the single-use plastic bags because it benefits the environment. But, he doesn't see Janesville doing that relatively soon.

"Plastic bags are everywhere. The City has it's own sanitary landfill and it is probably our largest contributor to litter that floats around are these bags," Whitcomb said.