Lake Mills man's family inspires big SuperCash win

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LAKE MILLS, Wis. (WMTV) -- After playing the same numbers again and again for decades, a Lake Mills man was bound to hit it big sometime. Well, that time was last week and that jackpot was worth $350,000.

A retired firefighter, Jim Yandre kept buying SuperCash! tickets that included his late wife's birthday, as well as those of his kids, the Wisconsin lottery explained in a release announcing his win.

That family loyalty paid off on Wednesday, but after checking his numbers the following morning, Yandre still called his daughter-in-law to make sure his eyes weren't lying.

Yandre reportedly already said he plans to share the money with his children, some of whom have followed in dad's footsteps and firefighters themselves, in Jefferson County.

The winning ticket was sold at the Lake Mills Market, 375 West Tyranena Park Road, in Lake Mills, who will also get a couple thousand dollars for selling the winning ticket.

The numbers last Wednesday were: 3 11 13 24 28 34.