MPD: Scammer targets teens through social media

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Madison Police are warning teens to be on alert after a scammer takes $1,500 from a teen and is believed to have targeted other teens through social media.

According to the Madison Police Department, detectives are investigating several recent fraud cases where criminals are targeting high school students. In many instances, teens are seeing Snapchat or Instagram posts about making easy money.

In one recent scam an 18-year-old student saw a post that read "anyone with a bank account at (named credit union) want to make some money? Hit My up?"

The student later met with the suspect who he did not know alone. The suspect told the teen he would get $100 by allowing the suspect to briefly deposit a check into the teen's bank account.

Later, the suspect withdrew the amount of the check, which was $1,500.

The teen agreed to give the suspect his online bank account username and password. This is similar to other cases.

The victim contact Madison Police when he learned the deposited check was bogus, and ended up paying the bank back $1,500.

Detectives believe several suspects are involved in similar scams and encourage area teens to be alert.