MPD: Suspect arrested after confrontation with several officers

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Several Madison police officers were reportedly needed to bring down a suspect accused of damaging property near the University of Wisconsin campus.

According to the Madison Police Department, one of its officers responded late Friday night to a report of a man taking "some sort of baseball bat or crowbar" to the unidentified property in the 900 block of Regent Street.

With his gun drawn, the officer approached the suspect, identified as Samuel A. Dehner, and ordered him to drop the approximately two-foot long object, MPD spokesperson Joel Despain recounted. He described the object as having a wooden handle and a metal plate at one end.

According to police, Dehner struggled with several officers before they were able to detain him. He was booked into the Dane Co. jail on counts of resisting and obstructing.

Despain also noted that he faced counts of criminal damage to property for alleged incidents that took place within their jurisdiction.