Madison Children's Museum hosts activities for spring break

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Kids and families on spring break this week had the chance to enjoy some special activities at the Madison Children's Museum.

Kids could enjoy all the museum's normal exhibits, like the playset and hamster wheel, and work on arts and crafts. This time, the museum created some extra attractions as well, including transforming one of their rooms into a cardboard maze.

"We know that families need to get kids out of the house. They need something fun to do. They need something that's stimulating their minds and bodies," Florence Edwards-Miller, the communication coordinator with the museum, said.

"It seems to have a lot of ages that can do a lot of things here. There's some science things. There's some art things. There's some activity, crawling through things, so I think it has a wide variety. It's pretty neat," said Rachel Newby, who attended the event with her daughter.

Spring break for some might be ending, but staff at the museum said they're preparing for a busy few weeks as other schools go on break.