Madison Streets Division looking at tight budget for remainder of year

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- The calm weather should provide some relief for Madison Streets Division’s crews after a November full of snow and rain.

(Source: MGN)

The Streets Division has used $5.7 million of $6.2 million in their budget.

It costs roughly $300,000 for a full-city plow. After a year-end review, the Streets Division was given an additional $500,000.

"Earlier this winter, I would say between Martin Luther King Jr. to Valentine’s Day - that was a pretty tough stretch,” says Bryan Johnson of the City of Madison Streets Division. “We had a couple of general plows and then the bitter cold temperatures fall in there too.”

The Streets Division’s spokesperson says the team never gets too concerned. They know they will never skip a plow because of budgetary issues, because the city prioritizes public safety.

The division's budget begins at the beginning of the year.