Madison city buildings close, Metro offering free rides in cold

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Madison Mayor Paul Soglin announced on Tuesday that the city government would close until Friday with only necessary departments open. These departments are public health, and public safety.

The Madison Metro will be providing free rides for the public on Wednesday.

They will be operating after a debate about possibly calling off services, according to the Head of Madison Metro, Chuck Kamp. Kamp says they are warning their riders with disabilities that the hydrophilic lifts could malfunction in the sub zero temperatures. They also have concerns about how the buses will run. Metro is predicting delays.

"People depend on these bus routes, " Soglin said.

Kamp cautions some routes will be scaled back around UW Madison campus. He says they will run even 15 minutes in those areas that typically carry a lot of students.

"We are encouraging people to pay attention to our website, and we will have updates," Kamp said.

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