Madison daycare's license revoked for employing man convicted of murder

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- A daycare center on Madison's South side had its license revoked after a man convicted of murder was found working there.

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) revoked the group child care license for Angels Joy Learning Center on December 20.

According to the revocation letter, in November, DCF was notified Tracey Ferguson worked at the daycare. Ferguson was convicted of murder in 1993 in Cook County, Illinois. According to DCF, the person who notified them said Ferguson was paid "off the books" to "conceal his presence in the facility."

Ferguson is the brother of Angela Ferguson, Angels Joy Learning Center Director. According to Angela Ferguson, her brother did cleaning and maintenance work for the daycare.

According to DCF, Nyoki Lewis, the daycare licensee, and Angela Ferguson denied in an interview Tracey Ferguson was paid. DCF learned there were Department of Workforce Development records stating Tracey Ferguson was a part-time employee of Angels Joy Learning Center and he had been paid $5,400 since February 2018.

The revocation letter also stated Angels Joy Learning Center also failed to abide by stipulations for the daycare's license. According to DCF, Angela Ferguson was named as the center's director and was previously the licensee for another daycare, Sandbox Childcare, LLC, whose license was revoked.

Sandbox Childcare's license was revoked in 2014 after an audit by DCF found bookkeeping errors. As a result they cut subsidy access.

DCF's stipulation on Angels Joy Learning Center's license that Angela Ferguson was not to be included in any financial aspects of the daycare. Ferguson has an outstanding balance of $35,000 DCF is trying to collect through a wage levy.

The department said despite the stipulation agreement, Angela Ferguson had possession of Angels Joy Learning Center’s debit card and used it to make purchases.
DCF also states they tried to collect the balance Angela Ferguson owed, but the only payment received was in November for roughly $233.

A statement on Angels Joy Learning Center’s Facebook page states: “Please know we are doing everything possible in cooperation with licensing to rectify this situation. It is our goal to have our facility up and running as soon as possible.”