Madison road crews prepare for snow

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- The Madison's Streets Division will have 32 salt trucks and two sand trucks plowing and treating the roads Friday night and into Saturday morning.

A storm is expected to bring between two-to-four inches of snow starting after 10 p.m. Friday night and ending sometime Saturday morning.

"No one likes working at midnight, but if that's when the snow falls then alright, game-on, that's what we do," said Madison Streets Division spokesperson Bryan Johnson.

Johnson said the Streets Division has been ready for snow since Halloween.

"This is a little early, but at the same time because we stay ready, we're ready to go," said Johnson.

The city has several tons of salt and sand available for city streets. Johnson said some of the sand is leftover from the summer to prevent flooding.

"If the sand was never in a bag we did take it. That's the sand we're going to mix with the sand we buy every year and put that on the roads," said Johnson.

If more than three inches of snow cover Madison streets, the department will plow all city streets, but the main areas to clear will be major roadways.

"Don't tailgate [the plows] don't cut them off. They can't maneuver like a regular vehicle. They're gigantic, and they have a few tons of salt or sand on them," said Johnson, "They are going to be out there driving slow but they're working to keep the road safe so give them the space to do the work to make it safer for everybody else out there."