Many Pick 'n Save, Roundy's workers are getting temporary $2/hour "Hero Bonus"

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CINCINNATI, Ohio (WMTV) -- Many Pick ‘n Save and Roundy’s employees will be getting a $2 per hour pay bump for the next couple weeks, among other perks, recently announced by the grocery chain’s parent company, Kroger.

"We are so proud of our dedicated associates who are on the front lines serving our customers when they need us most,” Kroger Chairman and CEO Rodmey McMullen said. “A huge thank you to all of our associates, whose efforts are nothing short of heroic."

The so-called ‘Hero Bonus,’ will add two dollars to the standard base pay, through April 18, for all hourly frontline grocery, supply chain, manufacturing, pharmacy, and call center workers. That premium is on top of the previously announced bonus.

Ten days ago, Kroger announced an Appreciation Bonus that would pay the same group of workers $300 if they worked full-time or $150 for part-timers. It is scheduled to be paid out this Friday.

According to the grocery chain, in March, its stores were doing 30 percent better this year, compared with the same time last year as people stockpiled groceries because of the coronavirus outbreak and concerns they would need to spend long stretches of time at home. The company noted that it is beginning to see signs of that the stockpiling rush has slowed, but still says demand remains higher than normal.