Memorial held in Grand Chute after Holocaust survivor passes away

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GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY)- A memorial service was held Tuesday night to remember one of the last living Holocaust survivors who passed away October 18th.

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We first introduced you to Henry Golde back in May, as he celebrated his 90th birthday.

At a gathering Tuesday, Golde's son, Mark, spoke about his dad's legacy.

He told the audience,"I'm not sad, this is a celebration of the greatest man, I will ever meet."

The event at Fox Valley Technical College drew hundreds of people wishing to honor Golde, who spent five years in nine different Nazi concentration camps before emigrating to the United States, and making his home in Wisconsin.

He also wrote a book called, "Ragdolls," sharing his story.

"Writing the book was cathartic for him and his life changed at that point and he was more in touch with himself and he was more in touch with the universe and he could be very bitter towards the Germans and no one, they're Nazis, and no one would blame him for that, but he forgave everybody, including Hitler," said Mark Golde.

It was later in life, that Golde's friend, Kathy Flores says he became an activist.

"Every time I was with Henry, he was not only talking about love, but in the same breath, he would talk about love and also just this real fire about like, having to fight evil," said Flores.

It was kids though, Golde had a real passion for. He spoke in high schools across the state.

Many sent thank-you cards, and during the memorial, thousands upon thousands were put on display.

"He really wanted people to know what he went through, the Jewish people went through in World War II during the Holocaust, but within that message he always ended it, with talking about how important love was too," said Scott Peeples, who was also a friend of Golde.

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