Middleton man found guilty of sexually assaulting children in gym pool

Kevin D. Welton
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- A jury has found a Middleton businessman guilty of sexually assaulting two children at Harbor Athletic Club.

A Dane County jury found Kevin D. Welton, 59, guilty of three counts of 1st degree child sex assault - sexual contact with person under age of 13, according to online court documents. Welton faces up to a 100 years in prison.

The first incident happened at the Harbor Athletic Club in Middleton in December of 2010, according to a criminal complaint.

During a swimming lesson, the swim instructor noticed that Welton, who was also in the pool, was staring at her student, a six-year-old child.

Following the lesson, Welton approached the child and inappropriately touched her, the complaint states. The child immediately told her mother, who informed the swim instructor.

To Middleton Police officers, Welton denied touching the child.

More than eight years later, the second incident happened, also at Harbor Athletic Club. The criminal complaint states a 7-year-old girl was visiting the gym for a friend’s birthday party.

When the child’s parents picked her up after the party, she was crying, saying that a “scary man” - identified as Welton in the complaint – had inappropriately touched touched her twice during the party.

After reviewing surveillance video, Middleton Police eventually tracked Welton down. Initially he denied touching the child, saying that “there is going to be contact” in the pool because “people were falling around,” according to the complaint.

Police later showed Welton the surveillance video and statements from witnesses, and he admitted to inappropriately touching the victim.

Welton owns Welton Investment Real Estate, according to his LinkedIn page.

A sentencing hearings was been scheduled for Welton on Jan. 27., 2020.