Missing man found in Crawfish River, police say

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COLUMBUS, Wis. (WMTV) -- The body of man who hadn’t been seen since he left a downtown Columbus business early Saturday morning was found in the Crawfish River, according to the Columbus Police Department.

Daniel Martinelli

Daniel Martinelli was reported missing around 8 a.m. about six hours after leaving the unnamed business around 2 a.m., authorities say.

His body was discovered in the river around 2:30 p.m. Monday, police said. The Dane Co. Coroner’s Office will conduct an autopsy to determine how he died, they added.

His death remains under investigation.

MP's Town Tap told NBC 15 News that Martinelli was last seen leaving through the back door of the business early Saturday morning.

Martinelli lived about five blocks from MP's Town Tap. The Crawfish River is about two blocks from the local business, in the other direction.

The manager said MP's Town Tap is planning to update its security system, because of this incident.

The manager said, in this case, clear video could've helped law enforcement.

NBC 15 also spoke with some of Martinelli's neighbors.

"He was a great man and we will miss him," one grieving neighbor told NBC 15 News.

Martinelli's daughter also posted a photo on Facebook, beside her father at a young age, with the caption, "Thank you for being my dad, this isn't how it was supposed to end. I will miss you every single day for the rest of my entire life."