Missouri sheriff confirms it's recovered remains of both Diemel brothers

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CALDWELL COUNTY, Missouri (WMTV) - Missouri authorities officially confirmed they recovered the remains of both of the Diemel brothers, who went missing from Wisconsin while visiting a farm in Missouri last summer.

Nicholas Diemel, Justin Diemel

According to a release from the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office Friday, dental records confirmed that the body found earlier this week in a trailer in Lincoln County, Nebraska belonged to Justin Diemel. A rancher had purchased the trailer in Missouri and brought it to his ranch in Nebraska.

Authorities confirmed the remains of Nicholas Diemel found in Caldwell County, Missouri 10 days after he and his brother were murdered by Garland "Joey" Nelson.

Nick, 35, and Justin, 24, disappeared on July 21 when the brothers, who owned Diemel's Livestock in Bonduel, Wis., were on a business trip at Nelson's farm in Braymer, Caldwell County in Missouri.

Nelson was charged with two counts of first degree murder in October after he admitted he shot, killed and burned the brothers and hid their remains on his farm.

Authorities say the Diemel brothers went to Nelson's farm to collect a $250,000 check for cattle they sold him. Nelson had previously fed and sold cattle for the brothers.

On Friday, the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office says the investigation is ongoing.