More than 30 tons of unused medications turned in on Drug Take Back Day

Image Source: US DOJ / DEA / MGN
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- People in Wisconsin really cleaned out their cabinets last month as law enforcement agencies teamed up across the country to give them a chance to get rid of all of their unused medications.

New numbers from the Attorney General's Office shows they turned in more than 60,000 pounds of unwanted medicine as the state marked National Drug Back Day. Calling the event a success, Attorney General Josh Kaul said those 30 tons were the second-highest amount for a state in the nation, even topping California.

In the U.S., nearly 12,700,000 pounds of medications were collected, the Drug Enforcement Agency said. Only the District of Columbia turned in more.

In Wisconsin alone, 280 law enforcement agencies participated in the effort, which is designed not only to provide a safe and convenient way to get rid of prescription drugs, but also to educate everyone about the dangers of keeping them around or disposing of them improperly.

In one example of how NOT to get rid of them, the Attorney General's Office pointed out people should never just flush them or pour them down the sink because water reclamation centers are not designed to remove them and trace amounts could remain.

In addition to all of the organized events, the medications were also dropped off at 476 permanent drug disposal boxes, which remain up year-round. You can find a permanent drop-off location here.