Mother and daughter find eagle hit by car, bird recovering at REGI

A volunteer with the Raptor Education Group, Inc. holds a bald eagle found by Alysha Burczyk and her mother near Crivitz in late March. (Source: WBAY)
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CRIVITZ, Wis. (WBAY)-- A mother and daughter going to the grocery store Saturday for essentials ended up discovering an injured bald eagle near 141 near Crivitz.

Alysha Burczyk tells NBC15's sister station, WBAY, she saw something and made her mother, Sue, turn around.

What she saw ended up being a bald eagle, and although it was alert, the raptor was hurt, and laying next to the train tracks.

Alysha says she called many different places but after a long two hours, a volunteer with REGI (Raptor Education Group, Inc.) showed up to bring the bird back to Antigo.

REGI members say the bird, an adult male, is believed to have been hit by a vehicle.

Officials say the bird had some internal bleeding, and is still in critical condition since a lot of damage was done, but is alert.

The raptor is currently being fed by a tube and given medication to stop the bleeding, but officials say he is doing as well as it could be.

In addition, REGI members say the raptor has a weak leg, but so far, no broken or fractured bones have been found.

They went on to say it's currently a "wait and see" situation, and the bird is being kept in a warm, critical care area, and is being kept quiet in order for healing to begin.

Officials say they hope to release the eagle in the fall or later, as it all depends on how long it takes to recover from the injuries, as well as complete conditioning, since the bird won't be able to fly for quite some time.

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