Court docs: Shooting suspect had been evicted, but hadn't yet moved out

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SCHOFIELD, Wis. (WSAW) -- The 64-year-old man in custody following a deadly Wausau shooting was in the midst of being evicted from his apartment. Police say Henry West lived in the Fullmer Street apartments and had worked at the cemetery sometime before 2012.

“These are two pertinent facts we have learned during the investigation of this incident,” Wausau Chief Ben Bliven stated.

The apartment complex is the scene of a garage fire investigators said is suspicious. West lived in the complex. Police say the fire is connected to a shooting at Pine Grove Cemetery. One person was killed and two are hospitalized.


Logan Nelson said the man was his neighbor.

“He doesn’t really come out of his apartment much, he just kind of peeks through the window and is kind of watching everyone," Nelson said Wednesday.

Keith Syring is the owner of Riverside Bait and Tackle near the Fullmer Street apartments.

"Every morning when I would put our kayaks out, I would see him in the morning as he waited for a ride. I'm assuming to go to his work. He would always ask me how things are going and how the fish were biting and he seemed like a really nice gentleman. It’s kind of unfortunate the way things ended up," Syring said of his interaction with West.

Court records show West was sent a letter May 27 by his property management company that he would need to move out July 31. The letter stated West’s lease was up at that time and would not be renewed because the apartment would be extensively remodeled.

A small claims case was filed in September after West did not move out. The claim was dismissed when West agreed to move out of his apartment by 11 a.m. on Sept. 30.

Documents filed Oct. 1 state West was to leave the apartment within 10 days or he would be forcibly removed by the sheriff’s department.

West is being held in the Marathon County Jail on $1 million cash bond.

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