"Our Angel" Grandmother thanks state trooper after he pulled her over

(Source: Wisconsin State Patrol, during Lights of Christmas campaign)
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- A northeast Wisconsin grandmother went out of her way recently to thank the state trooper who stopped her for speeding last week.

She wasn’t thanking State Trooper Bryan Ashenbrenner for pulling her over, though, the Wisconsin State Patrol said in a Facebook post. She wanted to show her gratitude for his kindness to her granddaughter who was in the car and whom, she explained, was “in pretty heavy distress relating to her father whom she infrequently sees.”

“My getting stopped was the best thing that could have happened that night and I’m very grateful for the way he handled the situation,” she said in a letter to the State Patrol, which the agency shared.

The grandmother admits she was speeding and explains she was trying to console the nine-year-old girl as they headed to her home. Ashenbrenner noticed how she was feeling and went out of his way to make her feel better. He even pulled out a $25 gift card and gave it to her, the grandmother recounted. She added that bit of kindness turned her granddaughter’s day around.

“After we left, we referred to Trooper Ashenbrenner as “our angel” that evening. He proved to us that police officers are good, caring people – that they aren’t out to hurt us or make things worse for us,” she added in the letter.

To add to his kindness, Ashenbrenner did give the grandmother a warning about speeding during the stop, but did not ticket her.