Plant-based grilling options on the rise

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- The beef industry rules the market, but plant-based products are growing in popularity.

The "almost" beef-like impossible burger is the latest trend.

It is made of genetically modified hemoglobin from soy that gives it a similiar texture to a beef patty. It was created by Impossible Foods, that markets it has the same amount of protein as a beef burger.

"There tends to be more fat or sodium in some plat-based options," HyVee Dietitian, Deana Preble said.

Preble has seen the rise of plant-based options over the past decade. She says plant-based options are more environmentally friendly than beef options because cows leave a carbon foot print.

"Beef is still king. It is king of the grill," Preble said.

According to the Wisconsin Beef Council, meat alternatives represent a fraction of pounds sold in the U.S.; registering at 0.1% share in 2018. The share of beef alternatives is 0.5% compared to beef’s 99.5% of market share.

Beef companies have some "beef" with the idea of calling a meat-less patty a burger. Missouri passed a law last year that only lets products from animals be marketed as meat. Mississippi passed a similiar law in July, and lawmakers in Nebraska, Wyoming, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Virginia are looking to do the same.

The Wisconsin Beef Council says Wisconsin currently isn't in the process to follow those states with meat marketing laws.

Non-beef burger options.