Plows treating main Madison streets, no snow emergency declared

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- The Madison Streets Division sent out plows around midnight on the city streets, but officials are not declaring a snow emergency.

On Thursday morning, 32 plows were deployed to apply salt and plow the salt route of streets. The salt routes are the main thoroughfares in Madison. where Madison Metro buses travel, and roads around schools and hospitals.

Charlie Romines, the Streets Superintendent, said the Streets Division does not plow every street in Madison unless three or more inches of snow have accumulated on the roads.

People on their commute to work experienced longer travel times and slippery road conditions in the Madison-area. Romines said even on salt routes, slick spots may occur. He warns untreated residential streets will be snow covered and slippery.

"Also consider that the previous snow event this week caused many terrace trees to drop their leaves into the roadway," said Romines. "Neighborhood streets that have a thick layer of leaves under the snow can be even more slippery."

Officials will be monitoring the roads throughout Thursday.

Alternative side parking is not in effect. It goes in effect from Nov. 15 to Mar. 15 every day of the week, regardless of weather conditions.