Popeye's giving Family Feud contestant $10K worth of chicken after wrong answer, dance

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(CNN) -- A contestant on ‘Family Feud’ in Canada went viral after she missed out on $10,000 when she gave the hilarious – but wrong – answer to the question, “Name Popeye’s favorite food.”

“Chhhiiicckkeennn,” she said confidently before breaking out a little dance that makes the video truly something special.

Unfortunately for her, the questioners weren’t asking about Popeye’s fast food restaurant that’s been on everybody’s lips for the past year over its wildly popular chicken sandwich. Nope, they meant the Popeye who’s a Sailor Man and loves, of course, spinach.

But, although the answer cost her team the top prize during the game, the restaurant is getting in on the fun, offering her $10,000 worth of chhhiiicckkennn.

And she won’t even have to do a dance to get it.