New puppy owner says adopting Kringle was "fate"

MADISON, Wis (WMTV) -- A woman adopted a 2-month-old puppy who survived after being thrown out of a moving car in Madison.

Kringle, the puppy, faces some challenges, but he's already settling into his new life.

He only has three legs. His right leg was fractured from the tragedy so vets had to amputate, but now the puppy has a fresh start in a loving home.
Debra Armstrong, Madison resident, adopted Kringle. He’s a blue-eyed pit bull mix and a lover of ear rubs.

"He's a typical puppy with three legs. He's getting around really well," Armstrong said.

He’s a cheerful pup, but life wasn't always a walk in the park.

"Oh gosh I was mad," Armstrong said.

Someone threw the 2-month old puppy from a moving car in Madison. A woman saw what happened and took the injured pup to an animal hospital where a vet had to amputate his front leg to save his life.

"He looks exactly like my other dog, and I also had a dog with three legs too," Armstrong said.

She called it fate. Both Kringle, and his new owner are healing from loss.

"I had another dog and he passed away on Saturday,” she said. "I decided to go down there and see if we could find another pet to make our hearts happy again."

It was an opportunity to not just fill a void, but give Kringle a second chance at a happy life.

"Yes, he has brought so much joy and happiness," she said.

Armstrong said Kringle is learning his puppy manners and doing treat training. She said adopting him was the best way to start the new year.