Rain causing delays for crop planting season

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JANESVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) -- Each farm has variables that can delay their spring planting season, one common denominator to a problem--heavy rain. With the wet upcoming forecast for the Midwest, farmers are predicting further delays for planting.

"Think of it like a garden at home, you don't want to plant your seeds in wet mud like soil. The seed needs to be able to breath and grow roots," Farmer Doug Rebout said.

His family farm operated by him and his siblings is coming off one of their best years following 2018. The family grows 2,500 acres of corn, 1,300 of soybeans--plus wheat and alfalfa.

2019 is off to a rough start with delays in planting.

In order for farms to be eligible for crop insurance, they need to plant after April 15.

Rebout began planting on April 20 because of the all the rain.

"Just part of farming," Rebout said.

Rebout's farm has been around for more than half a century. He says technology has helped them advance their planting strategies, and new developments in seeds make it easier to plant earlier.

However, farmers still can't control the weather.

"We need three to four good more dry days before we can finish planting," Rebout said.