Record store resurgence: vinyl sales jump as old tech trend grows

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- There are more streaming services than ever before in 2020. With a slew of options to listen to music, the comeback of a classic form of technology might make people scratch their heads.

A vinyl record on a vintage turntable.

The Recording Industry Association of America estimates vinyl to outsell CD's in 2019. Southern Wisconsin record store owners say they are happy they never got rid of vinyl, because it's consuming most of their sales.

MadCity Music is among that group of stores. It has been in Madison since 1981. Current owner, Dave Zero, credits the community for their strong support to buy local and admiration of music.

"It [vinyl] makes up most of our sales," Zero said.

MadCity Music has always sold vinyl, but Zero didn't expect it to come back as strong as it has in the past decade. He says their number one selling artist isn't a classic, it's a new artist, Taylor Swift.

Drew Metter, the manager at Janesville's Exclusive Company can relate to Zero. He said their number one vinyl selling artist has been Billie Ellish.

Metter says Exclusive Company is the only record store in Janesville. He says business was crazy during the holidays, people of all ages coming in and buying records.

"Vinyl brings with it a certain amount of nostalgia for people," Metter said.

The quality of sound is better with vinyl too.

"When something goes digital, you are going to lose frequency. You are going to lose sound, but, that is isn't the same thing with television and movies. You can see more with HD TVs," Zero said.

It's an older technology, back in the time of unlimited options for listening music. Vinyl is carrying music across generations.

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