Salvation Army urges public to donate turkeys for those in need

BELOIT, Wis (WMTV) -- Rock County Salvation Army is urging the public to donate frozen turkeys to help keep their annual Thanksgiving dinner alive.

Salvation Army officials said one simple donation can bring food and fellowship to people in need. They added it can put food on the table for hundreds at the thanksgiving dinners.

Volunteers cook and serve a free meal for community members who may not have a place to go. The dinner is served on Thanksgiving day in Janesville and the night before in Beloit.

"The meal is more than just a meal. It’s a place for people to come to be with people that know they care about them. Sometimes people don’t have anywhere to go. We are grateful to be able to be a place for somewhere to go so they know that they’re cared about,” Jacob Tripp, Beloit Salvation Army Core Officer said.

Salvation Army officials said having a warm place to eat Thanksgiving food is often taken for granted.

“It’s just second nature that I’ve always had somewhere to go. I’ve always had a meal and there’s a lot of people in our community who don’t have that. It’s a huge deal for them to have somewhere to go to be welcome and fed,” Tripp said.

Rock County Salvation Army is accepting donations at the Beloit and Janesville location. Visit their website for more details.