Life sentence for man convicted of killing another man, hiding his body

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)--- The man convicted of killing another man and hiding his body in a storage locker was sentenced to life in prison.

Daniel Lieske

61-year-old Daniel Lieske appeared in a Dane County courtroom for his sentencing hearing on Friday morning. The judge said he has the possibility for parole after 20 years.

Authorities said Lieske shot Jesseie Faber, a 21-year-old Sun Prairie man, during a fight inside Lieske's home in January 2018. Lieske then hid Faber's body in a storage unit in Rio.

Jesse Faber's family gave emotional testimony about his character and the trauma they have gone through.

“To hear how the killer shot my son in close range, and tried to cover it up, lying for hours about what happened and we still don’t know the truth,” said Jesse Faber's mother, April.

Lieske pleaded guilty to hiding the body, but he pleaded not guilty to the murder. He said he acted in self-defense.

A jury didn’t believe him and convicted him of murder back in January.

During the sentencing hearing, Lieske's attorney, Dennis Burke, claimed Lieske was convicted with the help of perjured testimony and alleged Faber's family gave that witness money for it.

According to an affidavit filed, an inmate, who does not know Lieske, was housed in the same cell block as one of the witnesses. The inmate claims the witness bragged about giving false testimony.

"The inmate told me that Dan Lieske had been convicted on perjured testimony and that members of Jesse Faber’s family rewarded that liar with a cash pay-off,” Burke said.

Burke said he and Lieske would seek post-conviction relief and filed the paperwork on Friday.

"You honor the wheels of justice turn slowly, but they turn. And after todya, they will continue to turn. You have not heard the last from Dan Leiske," Burke said.

Prosecutors asked the judge to give Lieske a life sentence without parole. Faber's family said they did not want to see Lieske out of prison.

Dan Faber, Jesse Faber's father, said Lieske took a precious life.

"I'll never get to hold any of his children or watch him grow up," he said.