'Talk about it but don't give details' when it comes to teaching children about trauma

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)--- As horrific stories fill the airwaves each day, it's hard for adults to digest them, let alone children.

The Rainbow Project in Madison specializes in trauma recovery for children. CEO Sharyl Kota says not to avoid talking about trauma with children, just be tasteful in how you do it.

"Young children, unfortunately are exposed to a lot of things," she says." I think what is improtant is for us to remain positive in terms that the world is a safe place, but that is the challenge when things like this happen."

The Rainbow Project has seen an increase in calls concerned about the Jayme Closs case and how parents should tell their children about Closs' abduction. Kota recommends not going into detail, but validating what happened if a child asks about it.

When asked how to talk to teenagers about this, Kota says its a moment to teach them about awareness and safety.

"Tragedy such as this really can change everyone's world view," Kota said.