Truck drivers showing support for Evansville boy with austism

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EVANSVILLE, Wis. (WMTV) A simple gesture goes a long way, that is the message one mother in Rock Co. is hoping to spread. Nicole Mason's sons, Zeke and Isaiah, have plenty of toys to play with but have found great joy in honks from truck drivers.

"It is just the simplest thing that makes their entire day," Mason said.

Mom helped the boys make a sign that they hang on their tree every morning outside their home in Evansville. The dump trucks are the boys favorites.

Zeke, who is four-years-old, has autism. Mason says the honks and excitement of seeing the trucks has shown a new side of him.

"Tears are flowing because he busted out of that shell and he is doing something with his siblings that he usually doesn't do," Mason said.

Mason shared a picture of the boys on Facebook, which was picked up by their school district and garnered more attention.

Mason hopes people will see this story and remember that small gestures can make a difference.

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