Cold weather helps local ski resorts prepare for season

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MOUNT HOREB/PORTAGE, Wis. (WTMV) -- The frigid weather is exactly what local ski resorts are hoping for. Today Tyrol Basin in Mount Horeb celebrated opening day.

At Cascade Mountain, the cold weather has them making snow, with the hopes of opening on Black Friday.

Cascade Mountain told us they have more than 500 machines working to make snow. They're working to make a base, which should last with low humidity and cold temperatures.

"It's pretty intense, there's a lot of details involved but essentially it converting as much water into snow as we can. The colder it is the more water we can convert it's a more efficient processes if it's colder," said Matt Vohs, Mountain Manager at Cascade Mountain.

Vohs said once they open people shouldn't have to worry about snowfall, as long as it's cold enough they'll be able to make snow to last the season.