UW takes down, apologizes for video that shows all-white student crowd amid backlash

(Photo by Jeff Miler/UW-Madison)
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- The UW-Madison has taken down and apologized for a controversial homecoming video – that was supposed to promote diversity – but instead showed an all-white student body.

The group behind the video, the UW’s student Homecoming Committee, posted the video showing a group of white people cheering in Camp Randall. The video was meant to promote the school’s upcoming homecoming celebration.

But after quick criticism from people across Wisconsin, the 1.5-minute-long video was taken down.

Apologizes have come from multiple groups, including UW-Madison, the Wisconsin Alumni Association and UW’s student Homecoming Committee that made the video.

The UW’s Homecoming Committee invited students across the 44,000 students enrolled in the school to work on the video that was meant to promote diversity.

In a statement the UW-Madison said:

”We know that, both historically and today, students of color and other under-represented groups do not feel as welcome on our campus as majority students. As a community, we must commit to and invest in ways to change this. One important way is to ensure active participation and authentic involvement by Badgers of many different identities in all aspects of campus life.”

The Wisconsin Alumni Association, which sponsors the UW’s student Homecoming Committee, posted to their Facebook page saying that they “apologize that the video produced by the committee gave only a partial representation of the UW-Madison student body.”

The Homecoming Committee posted to their Facebook page as well:

Read the UW-Madison’s full statement regarding the video here.