UW Whitewater program partners students with local senior center

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WHITEWATER, Wis. (WMTV) -- Students at UW Whitewater are getting the chance to learn from the elderly through a program at their college. Fairhaven Senior Services has partnered their residents with UW Whitewater students to make dog biscuits for nearly five years.

A new program at UW Whitewater is expanding past the dog biscuits looking to connect students with older adults to get them to get more interest in careers working with them.

"They get to see that there is a lot of humor in the elderly population," Fairhaven spokesperson, Brian Robinson said.

The Fairhaven residents get out of their compound and can connect with younger students, like Erin Hawker.

Hawker is a senior that has volunteered to make dog biscuits before. She enjoys hearing the stories the elderly share with her.

Hawker says, "We don't talk to people anymore. This has been a very enlightening experience."

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