UW student leaves French market minutes before shooting

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STRASBOURG, France. (WMTV) -- Jordan Jerrett has grown to love the city of Strasbourg as his home. The UW-Madison student has been abroad in the French city since September. Jerrett never thought there would be a deadly shooting in the quiet city he adores.

"As I was leaving the Christmas Market I saw police cars speeding," Jerrett explained. "It wasn't until I got home that I heard what happened."

A gunman opened fired on a crowd at the very popular Christmas Market on Tuesday. Three people have died, and several others were wounded. Police are still searching for the gunman.

"You know in America, everyone is upset and sends thoughts and prayers. We have become more accustomed to it in America, whereas no one here (Strasbourg) is accustomed to it, so it is more tragic," Jerrett said.

The Lancaster native is returning home next week. He suspects his parents will be weary about him traveling again after this incident.

"You can't let these acts of violence stop you from doing what you want do to in life," Jerrett said.

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