What you need to know: Spring Primary

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)--- The Spring Primary is Tuesday.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission said there will be 294 primary elections in school districts, cities, villages, and towns within 41 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.

There are more than 710,000 active registered voters in places with primaries.

As of Feb. 1, there were about 3.4 million active registered voters.

What’s on the ballot?
CLICK HERE to find out what’s on you your ballot.

Identification at the polls
You will need an ID to vote, but your address on the ID doesn’t need to match the poll book. Acceptable photo IDS for voting include a Wisconsin driver license or Wisconsin state ID card, Veterans Health Administration ID card, military ID card, U.S. passport, tribal ID card and some student ID cards. CLICK HERE for a full list.

Proof of residence douments
Acceptable proof of residence documents also include a lease, bank statement, cell phone bill or other official government documents, and can be on paper or an electronic device like a smartphone or tablet. CLICK HERE for list of acceptable documents.

Voter registration
You can also register to vote before Election Day. Registration in your municipal clerk’s office takes place until 5 p.m. on Feb. 15. You can start the registration process by submitting an electronic form and bringing the paper copy to your municipal clerk’s office.

If you don’t know whether your registration is current, CLICK HERE to check your status.