Why did the chickens cross the road? Grant Co. Sheriff deputy doesn't know but saved them

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GRANT COUNTY, Wis. (WMTV) -- This story begins like the classic joke, why did the chicken cross the road? It wasn't to get to the other side, because three chickens were reportedly hanging out in the middle of Highway 151 near the Wisconsin/ Iowa bridge.

Grant County Sheriff Deputy Duane Jacobson responded to the call. Unfortunately, one chicken did not make it across the road, but Jacobson rescued the other two and took them home to his own flock.

Jacobson said because of the incident, he has earned a reputation around the office.

"Here lately anytime there’s been some animal out on the road, "Hey are you going to send car 22 the chicken catcher to take care of the animals that are out" and that kind of stuff," Jacobson said.

Jacobson said he is not sure how the chickens got into the road in the first place. He and his colleagues think they may have fallen out of a transport truck.

The chickens, now named "Chicken Nugget" and "Bandit" are fitting in well with the rest of Jacobson's flock. He said they have already started laying eggs.

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