Wisconsin opens voluntary isolation facilities to combat spread of COVID-19

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)-- Wisconsin is opening two voluntary isolation facilities in Madison and Milwaukee to help fight the spread of coronavirus.

In a release Tuesday, Gov. Tony Evers said that the facilities will allow people with mild coronavirus symptoms to self-isolate from society and recover from the virus, allowing hospitals to deal with people experiencing harsher symptoms.

“As the state’s response to COVID-19 continues, we want to make sure those who need a safe place to stay have one available to them,” the governor said in the release.

The two sites are set to open April 1 at Lowell Center in Madison and a Super 8 hotel in Milwaukee. The Wisconsin Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) is organizing the effort.

Only people suspected of being infected with COVID-19 or are confirmed cases will be allowed into the facilities. They must have a reference from a medical provider or public health official.

Most people will stay at the voluntary isolation facilities for about two weeks, the average amount of time for someone to get over the virus and not be contagious any longer.

SEOC also issued guidance for communities seeking to open their own voluntary self-isolation centers. This guidance will aid local communities with the following (copied from release):

- How do we select, set up, and staff an isolation site?
- How does a person get referred to and checked into the isolation site?
- What happens while occupants are at the isolation site? - Including details about medical monitoring/wellness check calls and other on-site services.
- When do occupants leave the site? Including details about discharge and involuntary check out from the isolation site.