Your coronavirus stimulus check questions, answered

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Millions of Americans are now waiting for their checks of up to $1,200 from the federal government.

A financial advisor explains how a $1,200 check could come your way.

WHO & WHAT: Individuals who made less than $75 thousand last year will get a $1,200 check. For couples who filed joint income under $150 thousand will get $2,400. For every additional child, a family will receive $500.

Individuals who made more than $75 thousand, will see their payments reduce by $5 per $100 of income that exceeds the limit.

Patricia Helt, a single mom living with her 10-year-old daughter, is a hairdresser who just filed for unemployment.

She said, “It helps, but it’s not sustainable, especially if this goes on for a long time. If it goes on for a couple months, definitely not.”

Mara Paddock, an hourly daycare teacher, is also a mother of three. She is currently the only one bringing home a paycheck. For her household, she said extra cash would be an “asset.” On top of groceries, she said she would use the money to pay off credit card debts and bills.

WHEN: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Americans will receive their stimulus checks within three weeks.

Kristian Finfrock, a financial advisor and founder of Retirement Income Strategies, said getting money into consumers’ hands is significant.

HOW: There is no registration process. Finfrock said the direct deposit will go to the bank account that individuals’ tax returns are assigned to.

“If you are somebody that did not have direct deposit, my advice is now's the time to get direct deposit because that money will get into your account much faster,” Finfrock said, comparing it with a check in the mail.