Packer Fever Continues

Posted Tuesday --- January 15, 2008 -- 5:30 pm

Packer mania continues to sweep the state and it's also sweeping merchandise right off the shelf. Packer fans tell us you can never have enough Packer gear, which must be true because some stores are scrambling to keep up with higher demand Packer-wear, which even includes some unlikely Packer fans who are getting in on Packer fever.

Darlene Trogner works at Wisconsin Active Sportswear and says, "That bar is empty and that bar is empty." Empty now, but used to be filled with green and gold. Now that the Packers are in the play-offs, everything from cheese heads, to jerseys are being sold almost as fast as they can be stocked, and high demand merchandise, like the youth sized #4 jersey is disappearing faster than it can be stocked. Trogner says, "By far the most popular, ya, I wished we could manufacture them ourselves." Along with Brett Farve's signature yellow knit cap and the Division Championship sweatshirts. But fans are buying anything Packers.

Trogner says, "Pretty much everything. They want their kids dressed in Packer clothes for the games and schools are doing sports days and offices are letting people wear Packer clothes on Friday and things like that."

At Party City, most people coming into the store are looking for party supplies for Sunday's game. Managers say if it's green and gold, it's a hot commodity. Gerry Robinson is the store's assistant manager and says, "All the things you wish you could say or are kind of reluctant to say it says on the button."

Also hot are new and fun ways to take out game day frustration, like a set of penalty flags of your own for when the ref. misses a call you clearly saw, or a bad call brick made of Styrofoam you can *gently throw at the TV or as Robinson says, "We also have the rip apart ref, so if you get really angry you can just rip his head off."

But, it's not just cheese heads that are getting into Packer Fever, the Bears are too. Brittany Ballweg of Build-A-Bear says, "A lot of people are coming in asking for our Packer cheerleader, Packer football, the cheese head, we've got fleece and footballs and we're usually sold out."

Which just goes to show, Packer mania is sweeping Wisconsin in all forms.

On another note. The Madison Church of Christ is moving its Sunday Church service up an hour to 4pm this coming Sunday. The church says an earlier service will allow them to have a great worship and which also allows the congregation to pray and then root for the Packers. And, fittingly, everyone is being encouraged to wear Packer- wear in support of the home team.