Superintendent Search

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Posted January 24, 2008 9:17pm--------------------

The third and final candidate Dr. Daniel Nerad comes to Madison by way of Green Bay, where he is currently the superintendent of schools. A U-W Madison graduate, he is already familiar with the city and it's challenges when it comes to education. Of those he feels his job would be to ensure that all students reach curriculum standards.

"You've got some heartening date here of some increasing graduation rate. Those are good things but good is not good enough in the world our kids are growing into so we need to ensure that kids are reaching proficiency within the curriculum," says Nerad.

If selected, Nerad plans to take a look at the achievement gap that separates learning between Madison's diverse communities.

Posted January 23, 2008 9:05pm----------------------------

The search for Madison's next school superintendent continues as the school board's second candidate visits the city.

Dr. McIntyre comes to Madison by way of Boston Massachusetts where he currently works as the chief operating officer. He see Madison Public Schools as an already successful school system and feels that if selected he can help build on that.

McIntyre met with parents and other community members today and was informed of several challenges this district faces. He feels using school resources most effectively and embracing diversity are among those challenges. He has a desire to help students get the most out of their education.

"My passion and my interests besides my own family is in educating kids and making sure that kids get an outstanding education and that's why I will try to bring for here," says McIntyre.

Listening to what staff and other community members have to say about the school system is what McIntyre feels will help continue to move the district in the right direction.

He wants to engage students in school so they will want to graduate, making all school resources accessible in the classroom. McIntyre comes from an urban school district and says his experience there qualifies him to meet the needs of Madison Public School's diversity.

Posted January 22, 2008 10:01pm----------------------------

The search is on for Madison's next superintendent. The School Board has named three finalists for the position. They will each spend a day in Madison to visit some of the area's schools and see parts of the city.

Dr. Steve Gallon was the first to visit Madison where he talked with district administrators at a meet and greet. He is the first of the three candidates to visit the city over the next 2 days.

Gallon comes to Madison from Miami Dade Public Schools in Miami, Florida where he was a district administrative director. He is looking forward to meeting the challenges that Madison has to offer while furthering the education of it's students.

He's worked in education for 18 years where's he feels he's gained the experience necessary to take on the title of Madison School District superintendent.

"I've always been able to successfully meet the individual needs of the students, engage the community, motivate the staff and provide the opportunities for professional development and increasing the staff's capacity to meet the needs of an increasingly challenging population of students," says Gallon.

Gallon is one of three finalists. Dr. James McIntyre and Dr. Daniel Nerad will visit Madison on Wednesday and Thursday.