Hollywood in Madison

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Posted Monday, May 5 at 3:45

Filming for the move Public Enemies at the Capitol started on Friday. In the movie, our Capitol is to represent the U.S. Capitol as lawmakers attempt to form a committee to go after John Dillinger who is played by Johnny Depp.

Those shoots on Friday took place at night and the Capitol was closed to the public. But, now they are shooting outside, and hundreds were there to watch all the stars.

The streets of the Capitol Square were lined Monday as people watched the filming of Public Enemies. Many came to see actor Christian Bale. But, there were other stars of the movie that also deserve attention, including the cars.

"It is a 1934 Brewster Coach Car," said driver Mark Janowski.

Only 139 of these cars were made. And Universal jumped at the chance to have it in the movie.

Added Janowski, "The owner pretty much got it in original condition. It has been repainted once. But otherwise it is the way it would have came from the factory. It will be kind of a rush. It will be very exciting to know it is in there and to know I did the work on it when I see the movie."

One woman's car was driven by Johnny Depp at a shoot in Oshkosh.

And, one 1933 Lincoln was actually owned by gangster Frank Nitti who was part of Al Capone's gang. His family sold it to the current owner in 1958.

And speaking of stars, back on March 15th we introduced you to three M.A.T.C. theater students who were picked to be in the movie. One of them was Megan DeRosia who got the call to be at the Capitol Monday, late last week. She was fitted for her costume Monday morning, but has yet to know about her role. Megan, along with all the other extras, could not speak on camera because they signed a contract that forbid it until the movie is released.

And we can't forget about one of the biggest stars of all, the city of Madison.

Said Mayor Cieslewicz, "Besides the obvious economic impact I think it just lifts every body's spirits. Madison looks good, we are all proud of our town and it will hopefully look good on a major theatrical release in a year or so."

Universal pays the people that bring their cars as much as 500 dollars a day. In addition they have giant spreads of food plus other meals and numerous beverages.