Mifflin Street Co-op Set to Close

Time is running out for the Mifflin Street Co-op. Members voted Monday night 83-3 to allow the board of directors to close the grocery store.

Members say the co-op is closing due to financial hardship, including unpaid taxes and possible fines as well as slower sales and membership throughout the last 10 years.

Jennifer Feyerherm serves on the board of directors.

She says last night's decision was a painful one.

Feyerherm says, "We have been an integral part of the organic, sustainable, natural foods movement and played a huge role in the development of a lot of local, organic sustainable farms so to lose the Mifflin Street co-op is really a wound to the community, I think."

The store's last day is December 8th.

Feyerherm says the board will then consider how to manage the Co-op's debt.