89 deaths due to domestic violence over two years, according to report

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Posted Monday, September 30-- 6:10 p.m.

"When she walked in a room you knew Zoey was there," said Zoey Krueger's mother, Teresa Coy. "Zoey was a carefree, happy kinda girl."

But 22-year-old Zoey Krueger's life was cut short -- shot and killed by her boyfriend, Carl Avery, last November in Jefferson.

"I did not know Carl probably as well as a parent should have," said Coy.

Today Coy joined several domestic violence service organizations in the area to speak about the issue.

"I'd like for her memory to be more than just a tragedy," said Coy.

End Domestic Abuse WI released their report Monday, showing that Zoey was just one of 48 domestic violence homicides last year. These homicides usually follow a history of abuse. Avery was charged with strangulation and suffocation against Krueger a few months before her death

"I was that angry with him for putting his hands on my daughter," said Coy.

Zoey tried to do what about half of the victims did when she was killed-- leave her partner.

"This demonstrates that separation can be one of the most dangerous times for victims," said End Domestic Abuse Executive Director, Patti Seger.

Most perpetrators were men, and most of them African Americans and Latinos, like Jesus Castillo-Dimas who's charged with killing his 2 year old son, Yandel -- one of 14 children killed last year.

"We're here today to remember them to honor them," said UNIDOS Against Domestic Violence executive director, Cecilia Gillhouse. "We're a team and we're working together ,and we need you. We need the community."

Advocates say, in almost all cases, victims don't seek help.

"I really think the key thing is getting connected with the service provider," said Seger.

"Sometimes I wish I would have put up more of a stink now that I know more," said Coy.

Call police if you think there's a domestic disturbance going on.
and if you're in an abusive situation, there are several resources available. Click on Newslinks for that information.