New K9 Named After Fallen Soldier

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Posted Wednesday, April 14, 2010 -- 5:13pm
By Zac Schultz

Madison: Officer Mike Brennan knew this was going to be a tough day. The introduction of two new police dogs is usually a celebration, but he brought the room to tears when he spoke about having K9 Josh named after his son. "My son desired to come and work with me on the Madison Police Department some day. Would have been a proud moment."

Sgt. Josh Brennan was killed in Afghanistan in 2007. Mike says the entire department has been very supportive. Two months ago they asked if they could name one of their new K9s after Josh. Mike says Josh had dogs growing up. "I think he'd be very proud. I think he'd be very proud. I think he'd be touched a little bit that somebody would have thought of him. Seeing his name on a badge around the neck of the K9 with Madison Police on it would be a little bit difficult."

Officer Teresa McKenzie is Josh's partner. "Mike and I are on the Honor Guard team together, so it meant quite a bit to have Josh named after his son."

All of Madison's other K9 units were named for sponsors. These are the first animals named in memoriam.

Slim is named after Lori Rappe, who passed away from cancer in February.
Steve Brezinski is Lori's husband. "That was her childhood nickname. Her Dad called her that as a kid. The first dog she had as an adult she named Slim."

Lori was one of the original board members of Capital K9's, the non-profit that pays for the dogs. "It's just a way for Lori's memory to live on in a way that would have been important to her."

Mike says he's looking forward to working with K9 Josh in the field. "To some people, naming a K9 Josh might seem like just a name. But to me it's like having a little bit of my son back with me every day."

With these two dogs the Madison Police department now has six k-9 units, the most of any department in the area.

The dogs are trained to sniff for drugs, track suspects and can take down a criminal if needed.