Caroling in the Cave of the Mounds

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Posted Saturday, December 5, 2015 -- 9:50 p.m.

BLUE MOUNDS, Wis. -- It started as an idea to get more people to the Cave of the Mounds during the winter months. Now, the annual Caroling in the Cave Concert series is in its ninth year.

One group that's no stranger to performing in the cave is greenTONE a cappella.

"We look forward to this event every year," group director Laura Kruschke said.

"It's the sixth time we've been invited to come back and be a part of this event, and every year draws more people and it's a beautiful facility."

Cave of the Mounds is so much more than a national natural landmark. The cave also doubles as a great performance venue because of how well the acoustics resonate.

"Because of the natural acoustics of the cave, the sound carries across a really far distance so we're able to really use the natural space and the large ceilings," Kruschke said.

The natural space is indeed a sight for sore eyes, but the decorative candles set in place just for the holiday season also add a nice touch.

"It's Christmas time," Cave of the Mounds Operations Manager, Kim Anderson, said.

"People like the feeling of the warm glow. The whole symbol of light this season is an important one."

And as the lights illuminated the packed cave, the greenTONEs took to the stairs to share a little holiday cheer and charity.

Each group that performs in the Caroling of the Cave Concert donates the proceeds they make to a charity of their choice.

Proceeds from Saturday's greenTONE performance were donated to Agrace Hospice Care Center.