Cold Case Investigation: Donna Mraz Murder

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POSTED: Monday, November 2nd, 2015 ---- 10:00 p.m.

33 years ago a 23-year-old woman was stabbed to death right outside Gate 5 at Camp Randall. Even though that happened back in 1982, police are still keeping this a very active and open investigation, and they need your help finding the killer.

Donna Mraz had her whole life ahead of her, and chose to call UW-Madison home after high school. "She was as busy as a bee so she got nick named buzzy," said her brother, Mickey. The apple of her father's eye, "she was daddy's little girl," he added, looking forward to a bright future. But that all changed the night of July 2nd, 1982.

"The majority of students were gone, it was a normal summer evening," said Lt. Aaron Chapin with the UW-Madison Police Department. Donna had just finished her waitressing shift at a restaurant on State Street. She caught the bus alone around midnight to head home. Lt. Chapin added, "probably just like she would've done any other night. that she left work." The bus dropped her off at Camp Randall; and from there, it should have been a quick walk home. But in just a few short minutes, everything changed. Donna was stabbed multiple times near the area that is now known as Gate 5. She screamed for help; two men heard her from their apartment across the street, but it was too late.

"Its not normal for humans to want to do this to another human," said Lt. Chapin. Donna died a few hours later at the hospital. Authorities left with next to nothing to solve this crime. Lt. Chapin added, "specifically something as brutal and heinous as this case, you do take it a little personally that you can't get justice for the family."

No motive, no witnesses, very little evidence at the scene. Now 33 years later, the family still struggles to find answers. Her brother Mickey added, "you'll never forget the knock on the door and the total turmoil of your life from that moment forward." Still, not even a person of interest after three decades. The lack of technology in 1982 also hindering their efforts. "There's cameras all over campus but on Camp Randall there's actually a camera over on Gate 5 and right now, we should be on camera," Lt. Chapin showed us. When a crime is reported, now UWPD can review the tapes back at their dispatch center, something that wasn't available the night Donna was murdered. Now, her family begs for justice for their daughter. "You totally can't live dwelling on it, but it never goes away. It's always there," said her brother, Mickey.

If you have any information that could bring some answers and closure to Donna's family, please contact UW Police at (608) 264-2677.