UPDATE: Columbus boy with cerebral palsy, epilepsy in the running to win adaptive bike

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UPDATED Tuesday, April 12, 2016 -- 5:55 a.m.

Last month NBC15 introduced you to a family from Columbus who was hoping to win an adaptive bike for their special needs son.

6 year-old Maddox Klossner didn't end up winning that bike, but something else amazing happened in the meantime.

A woman from Waunakee said if Maddox doesn't win, her family business would like to buy him a bike.

After a lot of secret keeping and sneaking around, NBC15 and friends and family of the Klossner's were able to surprise them with their new bike.

"When he didn't win, we were disappointed, but we weren't super sad because we knew that there was over 150 kids who got bikes, and they were just as deserving as Maddox was."

Little did the Klossner family know, a complete stranger named Jenny was orchestrating the surprise of a lifetime.

"Nobody wants to see a child want something that they don't have, and Maddox is close to my son Alex's age, so I thought we should try to do something," said Jenny Acker, the vice president of Acker Builders.

With the help of Jenny's family business, and the Klossner's closest friends and family, Maddox now has his very own Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem.

"I couldn't imagine that somebody we've never met would do something so amazing for Maddox," said Beth Klossner, Maddox's mom, "It means we can actually do something together. I mean he's 6 and he's never been on a bike before. So we'll be able to take a bike ride."

A priceless moment that the Klossner's will re-live with every future ride.

"It touches something inside me that life is just about being with your family and loved ones," explained Acker.

"He's going to be so happy this summer taking bike rides, and just known that we can do that now is awesome," said Klossner with tears in her eyes.

There was an enormous outpouring from many after the original story on Maddox aired. Not only did a lot of people vote, but some even donated money to the Great Bike Giveaway.

One Columbus family even set up a GoFundMe page to purchase Maddox the bike. That money raised will now go towards buying another little girl in their community an adaptive bike.

Posted Monday, March 28, 2016 -- 6:22 a.m.

A Columbus boy is in the running to win a very special bike, but he needs your help to do so.

This bike would mean the Klossner family could finally go on a bike ride together.

Due to cerebral palsy and epilepsy, Maddox Klossner is unable to move himself, but with this adaptive bike he could soon experience one of the simplest joys of childhood.

"We try to tell him that he can do anything everyone else can, he just does it differently."

6-year-old Maddox goes to kindergarten everyday, likes playing with his friends, and especially loves being outdoors.

"We do a lot of walking, he likes to swing, in the summer he likes to go out on the water, be in the boat," explains his mom, Beth Klossner.

But due to his cerebral palsy and epilepsy, he can't do the one thing that most 6-year-old's spend their summer doing- ride a bike.

"I just think that every kid should be able to get to ride a bike, and that's one of the big memories that most people have from their childhood."

His mom says it would be a dream come true for the whole family to go on a bike ride together.

"He can't sit up on his own, he can't ride in a seat on the back of the bike, and he's too big for a typical behind-the-bike carrier."

But the Klossner's just don't have the means to buy the bike Maddox needs.

"The bike is over $5,000 and while we want to give him every opportunity to enjoy life, that's just not in our budget," says Beth.

That's where the Great Bike Giveaway comes in. If Maddox wins the national contest, this bike is his-but he's up against dozens of other kids.

"The best way to ensure that he gets a bike is to make sure that he gets the most votes."

One click could mean new wheels, and the wind in Maddox's hair.

"I know that he will love it. He loves to be outside, that's all, once the weather gets nice, that's all he wants to do. So I know that he will have a huge smile on his face."

To vote for Maddox in the Great Bike Giveaway, click here.