Crafty kids explore Mazomanie's latest after school activity

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POSTED: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 --- 10:50 p.m.
Reporter: Phil Levin

A group of mothers are turning a crafting class run out of their cars into a growing after school activity.

They started Shenigans about a year ago helping kids make holiday gifts for their families. Demand grew and the team ended up loading boxes of supplies into their cars for various events.

"We'd go to the bank basement, we'd go to the parks, people's houses, and we got tired of hauling all this stuff everywhere," said Polly Poupore-Craig.

This fall they opened up shop in a storefront downtown. Kids come by after school crafting Mazomanie's latest masterpieces, often from everyday supplies.

"The parents come back the next week and they're like 'We have toilet paper tubes, do you want those?'" said Lisa Flogel, already impressed how the classes are encouraging creativity.

"She was like 'Lisa, I found the most awesome paperclip at recess, I bent it up, it's so cool!' and I was like 'Well, alright, it's a paperclip.' She made a pendant and she put it on a ribbon and she was like 'Look at my beautiful necklace!' and it all started from a paperclip. I knew she was looking at the world differently cause for most of us we'd find a paperclip, pick it up, we'd put it away, throw it away, do something with it, but the fact that she looked at it and thought that she could make something she'd really love that could be art, that was really awesome."

For more on the group you can visit their website or Facebook page.