Employees Volunteer to Pack 80,000 Meals for Hungry

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Friday, March 22, 2013--5:45p.m.
MADISON--About 400 employees of Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) are in town for their company meeting.
And they're finding time to fit in a little philanthropy as well, by trying to package about 80,000 meals for the hungry. Those meals will be split three ways: some will go to food banks in Dane County and some to other parts of the nation. About 40 percent are also slotted to go overseas. "I just think it's important for us to give back and not just to give back writing a check," said TASC CEO and Owner, Daniel Rashke. "But I'm a big fan of active philanthropy which means come with your mind, come with your time and come with your checkbook. In this case they're using their time and they're using their mind and a lot of these people give financially as well, but if you can get them engaged I think that will promote further volunteerism, which everybody wins on that front."

Rashke said the group was hoping to complete that goal of 80,000 meals in about an hour.